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Travel Waiver for NJ Educators

The 2015 Anti-Bullying & School Safety Conferences will serve as a venue for the most knowledgeable national scholars and practitioners to share their expertise on the prevention of bullying and the creation of safe, positive school climate and culture.

This year marks the 5th year of our conferences being offered throughout the United States. Our locations this year are: Atlantic City and Hartford, CT. The conference continued expansion permits in-depth coverage of the important workshop topics and allows for educators to choose a location that best fits their needs.

The Conference welcomes the participation of school personnel including Anti-Bullying Coordinators, Anti-Bullying Specialists, School Psychologists, Social Workers, SAC's, School Resource Officers, and Public Safety as well as personnel from other organizations that work with youth.

2015 Workshop Topics
  • The Impact of Bullying in Urban School Districts
  • Hands-on Strategies for Bullying Prevention
  • The Legal Framework for Bullying Prevention
  • Bullying and its Effects on Special Education Students
  • Create and Assess a School Safety Plan
  • Cyberbullying & Social Media
  • Using Students Leaders to Combat Bullying in you School
What's New at This Year's Conferences?
  • Brand New Workshops/ Presenters
  • Speaker & Attendee Evening Reception
  • Two Full Days of Workshops (Atlantic City)
  • More Opportunities to Connect with Colleagues and Presenters

New England 2015


Date: May 15, 2015

Welcome to the New England Anti-Bullying Conference

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Atlantic City 2015


Date: May 27-28, 2015

Welcome to the Atlantic City Anti-Bullying Conference

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